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"I LOVE Adirondack winery! We were there in August. It's so nice there & the people were so nice. We're going back every year!" -- M. Karns, Sep-10

" awesome people work here! " -- C . Pirro , Elmont , NY -- Sep-11

" Luscious, beautiful wines " -- D . Betz , Fultonville , NY -- Aug-11

Lake George: Great For Families & TwentySomethings Alike (Fabulous Tasting at Adirondack Winery) ...Commack Patch...Aug-11


" second time coming! great wine everytime! " -- J . Buckley , Cliffside park , NJ -- Aug-11

" Best wines around ! :) " -- J . Taylor Stafford , Glens Falls , NY -- Jul-11

" Great Experience, wine is very pleasant, Staff very friendly and helpful " -- J . Paszkoloski , , NY -- Jun-11

" warm, friendly and professional, thank you! " -- D . Torres -- Jun-11

" We will be back to support you for a long time, thank you for the great product and presentation " -- M . Ciminelli , Amherst , NY -- Jun-11

" Fell in love with your wine! " -- T . Haught , Brooklyn , NY -- May-11

Adirondack Winery Ranks Among Best Wine Stores and Best Lake George Stores in Best of the Region Awards...Post Star... May-11


" Obsessed with your delicious fruit wines! " -- L . Rudzinski , Saratoga Springs , NY -- Mar-11

" Love the different ideas and the store...perfect!!! " -- J . Solarino , Hillsdale , NJ -- Dec-10

" You have become a mainstay and tradition on our holiday tables. " -- M . Monahan , Merrick , NY -- Dec-10

My Experience at Adirondack Winery and Love of Peach Chardonnay...My Small Corner....Dec-10


" I found your wine through a friend. I had it at their home and have been raving about it ever since. I've been dying to get my hands on your wine again! " -- J . Sims , Westbury , NY -- Nov-10

"I've gone up to Lake George every year, and this past year we finally did a wine tasting, amazing. We finished the Prospect Mountain wine in maybe an hour sitting by a campfire. We had a blast, and all the wines tasted awesome. When we head up to Lake George again, definitely stopping in again. L-O-V-E it!" -- A. Goldsmith, Nov-10

" We absolutely love your store and are trying to convince our local wine shop to "model" after yours! " -- B . Matott , Potsdam , NY -- Nov-10

" Awesome selection of flavors! " -- J . Alaia , NY -- Oct-10

" I enjoyed yout wines so much I keep telling my friends about it. Now I am putting my money where my taste buds are! " -- L . Semper , South Ozone Park , NY -- Oct-10

" Excellent place & atmosphere! " -- L . Macente , Chappaqua , NY -- Aug-10

" Every time we come up to Lake George we make sure to make a few trips to your winery..We enjoy the wine tasting and everyone there is great, we find ourselves in good long conversations..Before the 5 hour drive back to Long Island we make one last stop and load up on bottles to hold us over until our next visit.. " -- R . Rasole , Staten island , NY -- Aug-10

Spotlight On: Adirondack Winery Sangiovese....East Coast Wineries...Aug-10


" Excellent selections! " -- B . Mackey , Clifton Park , NY -- Jul-10

" Best place on earth! " -- J . O'Neill , Watervliet , NY -- Jul-10

Celebrating in Lake George...Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life-- Jul-10


" Very friendly, helpful and informative! " -- M . Seehafer , Forked River , NJ -- Jun-10

" Fun time with friends, excellent wine! " -- K . Ludwin , Barneveld , NY -- May-10

Adirondack Winery: A Must Try Wine Tasting Experience in Lake George, NY...Associated Content-- May-10


"I have been to this winery multiple times now. And while I can purchase thier wine closer to my home, I prefer to visit them on location. Their tastings are a blast and the staff is wonderful! Always have a great time and enjoy the good company you are sure to find there. As for the wine- delicious! I have several favorites here and always look forward to purchsing a few bottles...and sampling some new flavors! I would HIGHLY recommend this delightful winery to anyone looking for good friends and a yummy treat! They also sell wine ice cream AND tasty cheeses. Give it a try and I promise you will be back!" -- C. Kimball, May-10

"Whenever I have guests visiting, the Adirondack Winery is ALWAYS a stop on my tour of the region. Their staff is friendly, outgoing and fun. They interact with their customers and make their guests feel like they are long lost friends. It doesn't take long for anyone I bring there to immediately fall in love with the winery and take several bottles home with them, not just to enjoy themselves, but to also give as gifts. As a matter of fact, when I go to visit friends in other parts of the Northeast, and ask if I can bring anything, they always request a bottle of wine from the Adirondack Winery." -- M. Maskaly, May-10

" I live in the village, and enjoy going in to taste the new wines for the season. When my friends from New Jersey come visit, we always stop there." -- Imlovinlife, Lake George, NY -- May-10

"My fiance and I visit Adirondack Winery every time we are in town! We enjoy the friendliness of the staff as we taste the superb variety of wines. They are excellent at explaining the intricacies of wine in layman's terms. I just love the labels that are designed with photos taken by the owner! I have all of the bottles displayed in my kitchen and looking at them brings me back to the beautiful scenery I was surrounded by as a child. Adirondack Winery is a a must visit!" -- N. Ciriell1, May-10

"Discovered some great red wines at the Adirondack Winery in Lake George last summer. Since that time I have hauled my in-laws there for tasting a couple times. We never leave empty handed. The Rocky Shiraz is a top notch red wine and the Red Barn is a wonderful red with a definitive taste that begs you for more." -- T. Pinsonneault, May-10

"I love Barbera!! It is the best red wine I have ever tasted. Prospect Mountain is good too if you like fruity wine. I was introduced to Adirondack Winery a few weeks ago when I was invited to a wine tasting. WOW! What a great atmosphere and very good wines. This is a great place and I have told all my friends!" -- J. McKinstry, May-10

"I have three favorite wines from Adirondack Winery. My first favorite is Cabernet Franc, which is rich bodied and smooth. It is so good that I savor every sip. Also very enjoyable is Rocky Shiraz and Red Ccoat (Red Coat comes in a really cool red bottle)." -- L. Novohradsky, May-10

"What a great store!! Such friendly people and great tasting wine. So close by I can't wait to go up some more. The rotating wine of the week is a great idea, and opens tastebuds to different flavors." -- J. Flinton, May-10

"I love many of Adirondack Winery's wines but my absolute favorite is the Apple Wine...LOVE! I live on Long Island so I do not have easy access to them. Anytime I am in the area I will stock up with several bottles! Yes, it is THAT GOOD!!" -- B. Green, May-10

" Thanks for adding a touch of class to the area! " -- J . Nathanson , Diamond Point , NY -- Apr-10

"I have been going to the Winery since it first opened. The wines are all excellent. My girlfriend and I love to try new wines and enjoy the experience of the tastings. Our favorite wine is the Red Barn. We recently enjoyed their port wine, Calm After the Storm. Prices are fair and you can benefit with their wine specials of the week as well as buying six or a dozen bottles for a discount." -- B Will, Apr-10

" We love the wine and the owners are super friendly and great to deal with. A great addition to the area!" -- M . Drzewicki , Johnstown , NY- Feb-10

" Excellent wines, we had a great time! " -- R . O'Malley , Baldwin , NY -- Feb-10

" Great Concept! Great Wines! " -- L . Breitfeld , Goshen , NY -- Feb-10

" Visited you in Lake George on a yearly girls vacation! Plan on making the stop a must for our yearly plans. " -- C. Gombos, Derby, NY -- Dec-09

" My in-laws drive 4 hours to your winery a few times a year... Just as a day trip for your wine... and they come home with cases of it! " -- M . Hammond , Beacon , NY -- Dec-09

" Worth the 4 hour drive! " -- K . ritchie , Lake Grove , NY -- Sep-09

" Love this place each time I come up, love the wine tasting! " -- D . Krentz , Ringwood , NJ -- Sep-09

" Best wine I've had yet! " -- M . Entenberg , Brooklyn , NY -- Sep-09

" Awesome place and staff! " -- D . Sigg , Saratoga Springs , NY -- Sep-09

"Great wine at great prices. Even though I have purchased several wines from this great micro winery, I still like to sample each and everytime I go in to the store. I work in Lake George every summer and since they have opened their doors, we have taken a case or two home to New Orleans." -- N. Stoulig, Sep-09

" Lots of fun! Excellent experience! " -- K . Robertson , Fort Lauderdale , FL -- Aug-09

" I work at a NY winery and found your Chardonnay to be excellent -same with your apple and some others - Your store is perfect - has just enough of everything! " -- J . Broach , Westtown , NY -- Aug-09

" The Wines were simply great. Different! " -- G . Jambaukikai , Amherst , MA -- Aug-09

" Friendly Owners and Great Atmosphere! Will Be Back Again! " -- J . Serra , Ballston Spa , NY -- Aug-09

" Great wine! Super Staff!! " -- T . Pinsonneault , Orwell , VT -- Jun-09

" I'm in the wine business and love your product! " -- D . Maloney , Malverne , NY -- May-09

" Wonderful wine! We've made our yearly tasting a tradition! " -- J . Congalton , New York , NY -- May-09

" Love the bottle designs, great Lake George attraction! " -- B . Mailman , Albany , NY -- May-09

" Visited a few weeks ago with a friend...had a LOT of fun at your shop...what a great experience! " -- T . Goffredo , Schenectady , NY -- Apr-09

" Always a treat! " -- N . Stoulig , Hammond , LA -- Apr-09

"The Blue Twilight Wine at Adirondack Winery: One word describes this wine, AWESOME! I gave out this wine as gifts during the holidays and everyone said the same thing, "there was no need to save the cork, the bottle was empty in 5 minutes!" I could tell you how great this wine is until I am "blue" in the face, but the only way you will know for yourself is if you try it!" -- A. Telapi, Apr-09

" Enjoyed the tasting. Staff very friendly! " -- A . Carr , Valley Stream , NY -- Mar-09

" Loved your wines, unusual flavors! " -- J . LeRoy , Endicott , NY -- Mar-09

" Great Place; Excellent Staff; Wonderful Wines! " -- B . Doring , Albany , NY -- Feb-09

"A must-stop location in Lake George..."-- Brett M., Cazenovia, NY -- Feb-09


"I wanted to surprise my sister and do something different for her bachelorette party. The winery was recommended to me from a co-worker. The first stop was the winery. What a quaint little place. We loved it!! The atmosphere is relaxing, and the staff is so friendly! We had so much fun. We all have been back since, together and with other people. Almost a necessity when you are driving to Lake George to stop in. The service and the wine is impeccable! A place to have fun with friends and family, and when you leave you feel like you have made even more friends. A++++++" -- tprgirl, Feb-09

"A warm and glowing review that you can pass down generation to generation. All one must do is travel to 285 Canada Street. There you can taste the Freshness of the Adirondack Wines, the whites, reds and not to forget the relaxing ports. Make Adirondack Winery your Stimulus Package." -- B. Hannon, North Haven, CT -- Feb-09

"My husband and I tried our first wine tasting on Valentines Day for our anniversary. What a great time! The winter festival was going on so there was lots to do. We decided to stop in the winery as we parked on that edge of town. Although the place was crowded we were at the bar in no time. We were offered three tastings each. We chose the peach, blackberry, strawberry, green apple, black cherry and blueberry. Although all were great, we loved the Blackberry Sunset. The atmosphere was inviting and the staff very pleasant. We will definitely go back to visit. This is a must if you are visting Lake George." -- C. Somers, Feb-09

" Great Place! Great Hospitality! " -- D . Howland , West Sand Lake , NY -- Jan-09

" When we were in Lake George we stopped in for a wine tasting and loved the wine! Bought a bunch, then went back to stock up before we headed back home!!! Love the wine!! " -- A . Ielapi , Troy , NY -- Nov-08

"We visited Adirondack Winery during our recent family vacation to Lake George. We went on a Friday afternoon and it was pretty busy - the bar was full; but the experience was great. The wife who co-owns the place served us and she was really nice. We tasted the wines for $5 and had to pay an extra $1 for a dessert wine, but we got our souvenir wine glass to take home with us. We got a cheese plate for $2 during our tasting, too, which was nice. It was a really nice looking shop - very different from everything else I'm used to seeing in the Village - we found wines we liked and I would recommend visiting the winery." -- E. Nicole, Aug-10

"Pinot Grigio smooth as ice..." -- Blanca V., Madison, NJ -- July-08


"I first had the opportunity to visit the Adirondack Winery during the last weekend of Americade in June. The relaxing atmosphere and the accomodating proprietors provided a welcome respite from the wild and crazy yet enjoyable chaos that is typically Americade. My close friend and I were able to sample several delicious wines. We selected 3--one to enjoy that evening and one for each of us to take home. The proprietors are amiable and knowledgeable--while visiting their store you feel as though you have just been reacquainted with old friends. If you are in the Lake George area, a visit to the Adirondack Winery is a must!" -- Ladybug, Jun-08

" Excellent wine and service! " -- A . Lautenschuetz , Cadyville , NY -- May-08