Wine Infused Coffee Beans
Wine Infused Coffee Beans
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There are few things in life we enjoy as much as wine, but at the top of the list is definitely COFFEE!

We decided to embark upon a little project to see what would happen if you could combine coffee and wine.

We reached out to Ryan Miller, owner of KRU Coffee in Saratoga Springs, who is widely recognized as an expert in the coffee realm in our region. For our second round of production, Ryan experimented with our Pinot Gris to see if it would turn our as good as his Cabernet Sauvignon infused coffee. Needless to say, he was successful!

Ryan chose high quality beans from El Salvador, a medium coffee bean that already carries several fruity tones.

These fantastic beans were first soaked in Adirondack Winery Pinot Gris inside one of our oak barrels, and then roasted.

The result are beautiful beans carrying an unmistakable wine, fruity aroma that is brought through even more when the coffee is brewed. Available pre-ground or as whole bean coffee, this expirimental bean creates a delicious medium tone coffee with just the right hint of fruitiness.

We recommend brewing it in a high quality coffee machine or french press and enjoy it best black, although its still great with a little cream and even sugar! Even better, we made a logo Coffee Mug you could enjoy it in>>

This unique product was originally available to just Club Members. They tried it and they loved it, so now we've made it available to everyone!

Comes in a 12oz, resealable coffee bag.


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