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Roberto Cruz
March 26, 2021 | Holiday Guides, Wine Pairing Recommendations | Roberto Cruz

Pair Your Favorite ADK Winery Wines with Easter Dinner!

For many, Easter is a time for family, friends and food – and it never hurts to add a few bottles of wine to the mix! No matter what you choose for your Easter dinner, we’ve taken the stress out of choosing just the right wines. Here are some of our favorite wine pairings for Easter Dinner!


Ham Pairs wit Semi-Sweet Riesling or Red Ruby!We suggest complimenting the sweet and salty richness of a glazed ham with a sweet wine – or at least one with a touch of sweetness.

Red Ruby is our first choice. Deliciously sweet and bursting with flavor, this red blend serves a balance of fresh grape, strawberry jam, and candied berry flavors.

If that sounds a little too sweet for your taste, consider a glass of Semi-Sweet Riesling, which has a little less residual sugar.

Full-bodied and luscious, this wine brings aromas of peach with flavors of juicy pineapple and just a hint of lime.




Chardonnay Pairs with Chicken!Versatile in flavor, a roast chicken calls for an equally versatile white wine.

That’s why we suggest Chardonnay.

Our unoaked Chardonnay really lets the charachteristics of this New York grape shine. Opening with ripe pear aromas, it delivers golden delicious apple and citrus notes with a clean finish.

A flavorful roasted chicken deserves a wine with flavor, and this chardonnay is the one!




Cab Sauv Pairs with Lamb!Leg, rack or chop, Lamb is strong in flavor, big and gamey.

Many of our reds will pair well, but we suggest Cabernet Sauvignon.

A complex wine with firm tannins and earthy and floral tones, this wine is an absolutely perfect complement to any lamb dish.

Its unmistakable texture and dynamic fruit tones – nicely balanced with oak – promise one glass won’t be enough. 





Pinot Gris and Roasted Veggies are a Great Fit!No Easter dinner is complete without a sampling of roasted vegetables.

Roasting slightly sweetens vegetables, causing them to lose some of their “green” flavor.

A crisp, dry white goes well. We suggest our best-selling dry white, Pinot Gris.

With floral, smoky, honey-tinged flavors, this wine is so pleasantly drinkable, don’t be surprised if it becomes the only wine you have with dinner. 

*Our Pinot Gris is currently sold out online but you could find it at some New York liquor stores. You could also pair your veggies with our Gewurztraminer white wine instead! Pairs great with veggie stir fry too!



What's Easter without chocolate?

For those that can’t help but indulge, we suggest pairing your chocolate with something — as sweet as or sweeter than the wine.

Our top pick is our blueberry infused red, Blue Twilight.

This light, semi-sweet wine offers an exciting combination of dark fruit flavors with a delicate touch of tannins and structure.

It's best served chilled and pairs especially well with dark chocolate. 

As always, the perfect pairing for any meal is your favorite wine, no matter what it is. We hope you enjoy our suggestions. And if you want to order in time for Easter, we can help you do that too. Plus, all customers can get the following savings on

FREE SHIPPING on 6+ bottles! 

Click here to learn more about our latest bottle deals, curbside pickup (including on-the-spot curbside pickups) and more ways to save on your favorite wines!

Note: Our Lake George Tasting Room is OPEN Easter Sunday for you to shop before dinner but our Queensbury HQ is closed. Thank you in advance for understanding! 





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