Meritage (2017) Library Wine
Meritage (2017) Library Wine
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Limited Edition Library Wine

This wine is sold at our Lake George Tasting Room & Queensbury Tasting Room. It is also available for shipping or pickup orders. 

What is a Library Wine?

In 2014, we began setting aside four cases of our best dry varietal wines, each of that particular vintage year. Stored in the proper conditions  (in a cool, dark place, arranged on their side), just for you, we have been saving four cases of each ever since! 

How did we decide which wines to put in the Library?
There's a different and special reason for choosing a library wine – whether we had only created a limited supply or the wine sold out too quickly, it was immensely popular or it won a particularly notable award in its vintage year. Each wine is chosen for a unique reason.

Release Information:

VERY limited release. Only 4 cases available!

Wine Specs
New York
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Our winemaker's artful blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec Grapes, this Meritage was aged in American Oak Barrels for 21 months. A medium bodied, dry red with intense oak and earthy aromas, this wine delivers a velvety mouth feel and complex flavors of dark cherry, red berries and spice, with an enjoyable buttered toast finish.
Production Notes
This premium Meritage represents our winemaker's artful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (30%), Merlot (45%), and Malbec (25%) grapes, this Meritage was aged in first Vintage American Oak Barrels for more than 2 years.
Winemaker Notes
"With the creation of this wine, Adirondack Winery is a proud member of the National Meritage Alliance. Meritage is an invented word that combines "merit" and "heritage" - reflecting the quality of the grapes and the ancient art of blending wine. Meritage wines are handcrafted red or white wines blended from the "noble" Bordeaux grape varieties. A Meritage wine is considered to be the very best of the vintage. Blending is the personal expression of the winemaker's vision, a combination of skill and intuition that unites the elements of the winemaking process to create a work of art. It is the magic that gifted winemakers use to create wines of intrigue and enchantment."
Food Pairing Notes
While we love savoring this wine on its own, our Meritage makes a great match for a charred burger with gruyere cheese, mushrooms and onions. Think rich meats with earthy, nutty flavors and you will have an excellent meal. Wood-fired pizza and tomato-based pasta dishes with rich spices or meat sauces also pair well!
Other Notes
Label Image: A trio of Adirondack chairs overlook Lake George in Autumn.

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