Lush Wine Cocktail Mixes
Strawberry Basil Lemonade
Citrus Sangria
Lush Wine Cocktail Mixes
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Click the drop down menu to select your flavor! Just add water and freeze for delicious wine slushies at home! Get FREE Shipping on This Product

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Lush is an organic, 100% all-natural dry mix that turns wine into gourmet wine cocktails in minutes. Our delicious flavors come from only real fruit, real spices & herbs, and contain 30-50% less sugar than other wine cocktails and slushie mixes…just ~100 calories per 5-oz. cocktail.  Lush doesn’t hide the wine; it enhances it into a delicious unique drink. And, we won’t ask you to buy extra ingredients. You just need Lush, wine, & water…and voila, you’ve got yourself one of our many beautiful, delicious Lush Wine Cocktails

Lush Cirtus Sangria: Want a delicious and authentic citrus Sangria without all the work? You’ve got it. With real fruit mixed into every bag, Lush Sangria delivers one of the best Sangrias you’ve ever tasted, in just minutes.

Lush Frose: The perfect frozen wine cocktail! It's not too sweet and enhances the flavor of any ADK wine you put it in!

Lush Cosmopolitan: Wine makes everything better because this is by far the best Cosmo you'll ever have! 

Try with your favorite Adirondack Winery wines!

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