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With #LakeGeorge365 & Millennials in Mind, Adirondack Winery Launches Event Series

Adirondack Winery fills up its Fall, Winter and Spring Event Calendar in hopes of luring locals and visitors to the Lake George Region year-round.

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (October 2016): Adirondack Winery’s President & Co-Owner, Sasha Pardy, spoke as a panelist last month at the Lake George Regional Chamber of Commerce’s “Lake George 365” event. Adirondack Winery has kept its Tasting Room doors at 285 Canada Street open year-round since its opening in 2008. The topic of discussion for the panel surrounded efforts that could be made by local businesses and organizations to attract locals and tourists alike to the beautiful Lake George Region year-round. Out of the meeting came a trending hashtag…#LakeGeorge365.

Ms. Pardy’s main messages included keeping in touch with your customers on a year-round basis via social media, mail, email, and face-to-face interaction at local community events. Additionally, Ms. Pardy believes advertising via various mediums, and sponsoring or participating in local events during all seasons keeps the Adirondack Winery brand in mind throughout the year. Lastly, she believes that locals who have visited her tasting room before need some compelling reasons to come back and visit again and again. “For us, that might be a new wine release, new retail products, or new events,” said Pardy as an example.

Earlier this month, the Wild Center, Trampoline Design and Warren County Tourism co-hosted an educational seminar titled “The Adirondacks & The Next Generation: Marketing the Adirondacks to Millennials.” A room full of business leaders from our local community attended the seminar, held at the Fort William Henry. Trampoline Design representatives provided data showing that our region could do a better job highlighting the bounty of interesting activities, great places to eat and drink, and nice places to stay, that our region has to offer; beyond just “outdoorsy” traditional Adirondack Activities and such. “My key takeaways from this event were that it is critical that our region appeal to the younger generation with authentic, quality, fun and educational experiences,” said Pardy.

Along this #LakeGeorge365 vein of thought and with the intention of attracting the Millennial generation to our region, Adirondack Winery is launching two new event series, starting this weekend in Lake George – “Wine 101” and “Uncork & Craft”. “Our Wine 101 event series is meant to deliver wine education to our visitors in a light hearted, fun and approachable way. Both experienced wine drinkers and wine novices will enjoy this event series, which includes Wine Sensory, Wine Tasting, Wine & Food Pairing, Wine Cocktail Making, Wine Blending, and more. With this series, we will guide attendees through tuning into their senses to identify aroma and flavor notes in wines, the basics of wine making, how to make a great wine cocktail, how to pick foods that pair well with certain wines, etc. We see it as a great date night or friends’ night out activity to learn about and enjoy wine at the same time in a no-pressure environment,” explained Ms. Pardy. The Winery is holding monthly Wine 101 events through the Spring of next season, with the first one (Wine Sensory 101) this Friday October 28th (See the schedule below).

Uncork & Craft’ is an event series we have done from time to time that has always been very popular, but this time we’re bringing it back with consistency and local partners,” said Stephanie Ottino, Adirondack Winery’s Marketing & Events Manager. “We’re excited to announce three upcoming Uncork & Craft events that we’re partnering with Rhianna Hogan-Cerro on, owner of Sketch Design Lounge of Glens Falls. Between now and Christmas, we have three events planned where Rhianna will guide attendees through making unique and modern crafts while they enjoy a wine tasting and snack on a light food spread at the Tasting Room,” explained Ottino. The first “Uncork & Craft” event on Nov. 4 features creation of a popular “chunky” knit infinity scarf, which is crafted completely with hands, no needles required – the craft has been trending on social media. Following craft nights will include “Festive Felt Flowers” and “Painted Reusable Wine Totes”, see details on schedule below. “In the Winter and Spring we will continue our ‘Uncork & Craft’ events with more unique crafts with Sketch, as well as some paint & sip nights working with LARAC and other local artists,” said Ottino.

“The great thing about the late fall through spring season in Lake George is that there’s more room to breathe,” said Ms. Pardy. “In the busy June through October months, our tasting room has thousands of visitors in and out constantly, but during this time of year, we can spend more time with our guests, can close off the tasting room for special events, and pull out some barstools so visitors can relax during these fun event nights,” she added.

In addition to the Wine 101 and Uncork & Craft event series, the Adirondack Winery hosts several special themed weekend events, featuring unique Wine Tasting Flight Pairing menus, games, special discounts and other activities. For example, this weekend (Saturday & Sunday 10/29-10/30), the Winery hosts “HalloWine”, where it is guiding visitors through a special wine flight pairing fun Halloween treats like candy corn, caramel apples, chocolate & more with wine. Visitors enjoy a delicious “witches brew” wine cocktail and are encouraged to dress up in costume for a free giveaway item as well. Adirondack Winery events through Spring 2017 can be found at


WINE 101

*Keep your eye out for Wine Tasting 101, Wine Blending 101 & More!


*Keep your eye out for Paint & Sip and more with SKETCH & LARAC!




Adirondack Winery opened in 2008 as the region’s first winery. Winemaker/ CEO, Michael Pardy, creates the winery’s more than 35 wine varietals, which have won more than 150 medals at competitions to date. Adirondack Winery’s wine labels (created by President Sasha Pardy) serve as a beautiful representation of Lake George and the Adirondacks, featuring artistic photographs of the gorgeous landscapes and landmarks of the region.  Adirondack Winery’s wine making facility is located in Queensbury, NY and its Tasting Room is located at 285 Canada Street in Lake George, NY. Adirondack Winery’s wines are available for sale at its Lake George, NY tasting room; through its online store; at nearly 400 wine retailers in New York; and at wine festivals & fairs throughout New York. Adirondack Winery is also the presenter of the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival.