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Adirondack Winery

Adirondack Winery for the Trade/ Wholesale

Adirondack Winery is the Premier Winery of the Adirondacks...featuring several award-winning Fruit Infused and Varietal wines

 Adirondack Winery Wholesale Bottle Ensemble

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We take marketing seriously.


THOUSANDS of Tasting Room Visitors Annually

Adirondack Winery's Lake George Tasting Room has one of the highest Tasting Room foot traffic counts in NY State!

Tourists visit us1-2 times per year at our busy Lake George (summer vacation spot) Tasting Room, fall in love with our wines, and then need access to our wines near them year round!

We post a list of stores carrying our wines AND do our best to tell customers about stores carrying our wine near them.

THOUSANDS of Customers at Festivals & Events

Adirondack Winery attends Wine Festivals, Fairs, Markets and Tasting Events across New York State religiously year-round. See Event Calendar>>

These customers may buy 1-2 bottles at the festival, but that wine is soon gone and then they need access to our wines near them year round! We won't see them again 'til we're back at the festival one year later!

At each festival, we hand out a short list of the nearest stores carrying our wine - everyone who buys a bottle (+ tasters) walks away with this list!

21,000+ Email Subscribers






Our email subscribers have actively chosen to sign up to receive news from us either while visiting our Tasting Room, or tasting our wines at events.

Through this list, we announce our new stores, send targeted emails to people in your area, invite people to tasting events at/near stores & encourage people buy our wines at stores near them.


20,000+ Social Media Reach

Adirondack Winery
We announce our new stores, facilitate reciprocal "likes" on your social media pages, encourage people to buy our wines at stores near them & invite people to tasting events.

We rank in the TOP 5 NYS Wineries for # of Facebook Likes and we also have a strong following on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

facebook twitter  Instagram-Adk-Winery 

75,000+ Annual Website Hits!

Our website is highly trafficked due to our status as a TOP attraction in the Lake George area. Our website was relaunched in 2014 with our new branding by a professional winery website provider.

We give exposure to our wholesale accounts on our website by:

168+ Wine Competition Medals & Sommelier Ratings

Awards at the tasting roomWe enter many wine competitions and win, proving quality, not only popularity and taste!

Visit our Award Winning Wines Page>>


Adirondack Winery wines are distributed by Opici Family Distributing in Upstate NY.

Contact Opici to Order: (800) 648-WINE /

For New York Locations Westchester County and South, please contact Adirondack Winery directly to carry our wines at (518) 668-9463x 10 or email>>
Adirondack Winery wines are currently NOT distributed outside of New York State.







Wine Bottles Feature Adirondack Landscape Photography = Nostalgia

Adirondack Winery Seyval Front Label

Our Wine bottle labels feature gorgeous images of the landscapes and icons of the Adirondacks; creating a Nostalgic Warm & Fuzzy feeling for many customers...remembering their vacation or loving their local area.

Other Label Positives:

  • Each label features a dry-sweet scale.
  • Each label features tasting notes, food pairing notes, and cheese pairing suggestions.
  • These positives make the buying decision easier!

Our new brand redesign does an even better job evoking the Nostalgia of the Adirondacks....attracting customers who have visited the Adirondacks or want to visit some day!

Shelf Talkers

Request professionally printed Shelf Talkers from your Opici Rep or Click Here to download >

Adk Winery Soaring Strawberry Shelf Talker

Posters Available

Request professionally printed posters from your Opici rep; or Click Here to download>> and print yourself.

Sell Sheets

Find our Sell Sheets here>>


Click to download Mellow Blush Sell Sheet