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Adirondack Winery

Our People

Meet the folks that keep the Adirondack Winery wine flowing and growing day after day!


Michael and Sasha Pardy

Michael Pardy

CEO & Wine-Maker

Sasha Pardy

President & Co-Owner

Ella Pardy

Future Staffer

Ethan Pardy

Future Staffer


Brad Casacci, Associate Winemaker

Brad Casacci 

Associate Winemaker 

Wendy Baird, Controller

Wendy Baird


Roberto Cruz, Marketing Manager

Roberto Cruz

Marketing Manager

Mackenzie Levan, Marketing Specialist

Mackenzie LeVan 

Marketing Specialist 

Matthew Lynn, Winemaking Assistant

Matthew Lynn

Winemaking Assistant

Randy Cozzens, Celler Helper

Randy Cozzens

Celler Helper / Tasting Room Associate

Nikki Crandall -  Human Resource/Office Coordinator

Nikki Crandall

Human Resource/Office Coordinator

Brittany McGowin, Club Manager

Brittney McGowin

Club Manager

Colleen Senglaub

Colleen Senglaub 

Marketing Assistant

JoyAmor Gomez, Customer Service Assistant

JoyAmor Gomez

Customer Service Assistant

Dani D'Alessandro, Tasting Room Manager

Dani D'Alessandro

Tasting Room Manager

Kyle Schmidt, Tasting Room Assistant Manager

Kyle Schmidt

Tasting Room Assistant Manager

Joseph Mirando, Tasting Room Assistant Manager

Joseph Mirando

Tasting Room Assitant Manager

Molly Lauver, Leading Tasting Room Associate

Molly Lauver

Lead Tasting Room Associate

Miles Merton, Leading Tasting Room Associate

Miles Merton

Lead Tasting Room Associate