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Holiday Cocktail Flight - $25

Four samples of our signature Holiday cocktials; Spiced Pear Punch, Grapefruit Cardamom Fizz, Jingle Juice, and Holiday Cheermeister! Served over ice.


Spiced Pear Punch- $12 

Home Sweet Home (apple pie wine) , Two Sisters Vodka, Orangecello, pear juice, sliced pears, sliced oranges and cinnamon sticks. Glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar.


Grapefruit Cardamom Fizz- $12

Semi-Sweet Riesling, Sly Fox Gin, grapefruit juice, rosemary simple syrup, cardamom pods, rosemary sprigs, and Midnight Bubbly. Glass rimmed with cardamom and sugar mixture.


Jingle Juice - $12

Home Sweet Home (apple pie wine) , Red Carriage, American Oak Bourbon, apple cider, cranberry juice, rosemary simple syrup. Glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar and garnished with cranberries and a rosemary sprig. Served over ice. 


Holiday Cheermeister - $12

Pinot Gris, American Oak Whiskey, Orangecello, pomegranate juice, fresh orange slices and pomegranate seeds. Topped with Midnight Bubbly.


All That Glitters is Gold- $12

Gewurztraminer, apple juice, simple syrup, and Midnight Bubbly (sparkling wine). Finished with a gold glitter that will wow you!



Red Carriage Lemonade - $12 

Red Carriage, Limoncello, cranberries topped w/ lemonade. Garnished w/ cranberries on a stick. Served over ice. 



French Toast Supreme - $14

Home Sweet Home, Two Sisters Vodka, Maple syrup added to a shaker wtih ice. A chilled martini glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar with a maple syrup drizzle at the bottom. Strained into glass and garnished with a French Toast Marshmallow.


Fireside Mocha Martini - $14

Fireside Reserve Port, American Oak Bourbon, Springbrook coffee vodka, and heavy cream shaken with ice. Chocolate syrup drizzle on the bottom of the glass. Garnished with a Chocoalte Chip Marshmallow.




Classic Martini: Gin or vodka, dry vermouth, garnished with olives 
Dry Martini: Gin or vodka, dry vermouth, olive juice, garnished with olives 
American Oak Sipper: Whiskey, club soda, a splash of lemoade, garnished with a lemon 


Many years ago in Lake George, we discovered that adding our wines with organic LUSH mixes created an incredibly delicious drink! Ever since, the amazing organic LUSH mixes, including a warm mulled wine and hot apple toddy!

Mulled Wine: $5/ Boozy Mulled Wine: $14

Made with our LUSH mix. It's a balanced and deeply-flavored mixer, made with organic spices, real oranges, and apples.

Make it spiked, will double your potion and add a shot of whiskey!


Apple Toddy: $5/ Spiked Apple Toddy: $14

Made with our LUSH mix. Combining real apples, lemon, and cinnamon  for a perfect seasonal cocktail.

Make it spiked, will double your potion and add a shot of bourbon!


Barkeater Red Wine Hot Chocolate: $14

Made with Barkeater Hot Cocoa mix, water, granulated sugar, and a dash of salt. Garnished with a Hudson Valley Marshmallow.



BEER - $7

Mean Max:  Glen Street Lager, Red Rock Ale & Tahawus IPA 
Wolf Hallow: Amber 
SuperStar: IPA

CIDERS - $7 

Indian Ladder Farms: Pete's Best Cider
Adirondack Brewery: Adirondack Farmhouse Cider


American Oak Distillery: Whiskey & Dark Barrel Burbon 
Springbrook Hallow: Limoncello, Orangcello, Sly Fox Gin, & Two Sisters Vodka 

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Available: 

We also serve some of the region's best non-alcoholic options! 

$3, Unlimited Refills: Hot Coffee, Lemonade, Soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, Ginger ale, Seltzer)

$3: Orange Juice & Grapefruit Juice

$3: Adirondack Brewery Bear Wizz Root Beer 

$5: Frozen Lemonade (12oz, with or without wine topper), KRU Mexican Blue Skull Cold Brew can, Kru Latte 

$5.99: Even Tides Kombucha

$6: Saratoga Sparkling Water or Still Water (28oz) | $3: 12oz bottles

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