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Adirondack Winery Staff
February 7, 2017 | Adirondack Winery Staff

5 Questions You Might Have About Wine Blending

Adirondack Winery Fruity Wine Blend


1. What is wine blending?

Wine blending is simply the process of combining different types of wines to create a new and unique varietal!


2. Why would someone want to blend wine?

Blending can make wine more complex by enhancing the flavors, aromas, color, texture and finish. It can also be used to mellow certain characteristics of a wine that you may not like.


3. What is an example of a wine blend?

Bordeaux is one of the more recognizable wine blends. Adirondack Winery’s most popular blend is Meritage. We make ours with Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot!


4. How do I choose which wines to blend?

The possibilities are endless! Creating the perfect blend all depends on your personal preference. Blending allows you to alter characteristics and flavor of wine to create the perfect wine for you!


5. Where can I learn more?

Join winery owner, Sasha, this Friday (December 1st) at 7:00 at our Lake George Tasting Room for Wine 101! She'll talk about the basics of wine blending and walk you through some popular and traditional wine blends. Then, have some fun, get creative and start experimenting with making a couple blends of your own! Click here to purchase tickets and learn more.



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