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Piper Spratt
December 15, 2023 | Holiday Guides | Piper Spratt

Uncork Joy: Adirondack Winery's Gift Sets for the Perfect Toast! 🥂

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread cheer than with the perfect gift for the wine enthusiast in your life?

Adirondack Winery presents a dazzling array of wine gift sets that promise to turn any occasion into a celebration. From handcrafted wooden boxes to sleek leather ensembles and delightful trio gift boxes, there's a wine set for every taste and preference!

single bottle wooden gift box

1. Single Bottle Wooden Gift Box: A Touch of Elegance
Adirondack Winery's Single Bottle Wooden Gift Box is a masterpiece crafted by a local wood artisan. The laser-cut live hinge, two-tone wood panels, dovetail corners, and a Lake George silhouette window make this box a gift in itself. Choose from a variety of discounted bundles that include:
- Gift Box & Holiday Cabernet Sauvignon
- Gift Box & Holiday Chardonnay
- Gift Box & Home Sweet Home
- Gift Box & Red Carriage


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single bottle leather gift box

2. Single Bottle Leather Gift Box: Chic & Stylish
For a touch of elegance, Adirondack Winery offers the Single Bottle Leather Gift Box. This sleek leather set is the epitome of sophistication. Add any bottle of wine to your cart and enclose it in this gift box or choose from discounted bundles that include:
- Leather Holiday Chardonnay Gift Set
- Leather Holiday Cabernet Sauvignon Gift Set
- Leather Red Carriage Gift Set


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Wine trio gift boxes

3. Wine Trio Gift Boxes: A Symphony of Flavors
For those who appreciate variety, Adirondack Winery offers Wine Trio Gift Boxes encased in a beautiful logo gift box with a handle. Choose from:
- Fruity Trio Kraft Gift Box Set:
Delight the sweet wine lover with a trio featuring Blue Twilight, Berry Breeze, and Orchard Blossom, each infused with unique fruity flavors.
- Premium Trio Kraft Gift Set:
Indulge in a sophisticated trio featuring Barrel Aged Chardonnay, Fireside Reserve, and Meritage, each a premium edition for a truly special gift.


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Holiday Mystery Box

4. Holiday Mystery Box: Uncork the Unexpected!
Add an element of surprise with Adirondack Winery's Holiday Mystery Box Wine Tasting Game. Perfect for a festive gathering, each Mystery Box includes:
- 6 secretly wrapped bottles of wine
- Wine-tasting sheets for you and your team
- The 6 S's of wine tasting sheet
- Wine aroma cheat sheet
- Our full wine list
- Complete Mystery Box rules


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home for the holidays pack: a cozy christmas gift

5. Home for the Holidays Pack: A Cozy Christmas Gift
Make the season brighter with the "Home for the Holidays Pack." This Christmas bundle includes:
1 bottle of Home Sweet Home (apple pie wine)
1 Home Sweet Home Infused Wine Jelly
White "Dear Santa, the wine made me do it" Steel Sippy Cup


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New YEar Bubbly Pack: Sparkling Start to the New Year

6. New Year Bubbly Pack: Sparkling Start to the New Year
Ring in the New Year with effervescence! This set includes:
- Beachside Bubbly
- Midnight Bubbly
- Mountainside Bubbly
- Lakeside Bubbly


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warmest wishes trio: toast to joyful celebrations

7. Warmest Wishes Trio: Toast to Joyful Celebrations
Celebrate the warmth of the season with this trio:
- Midnight Bubbly
- Holiday Chardonnay
- Holiday Cabernet Sauvignon

- Gift bow
- Handcrafted wooden holiday ornament


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secret santa pack: a surprise under the tree

8. Secret Santa Pack: A Surprise Under the Tree
Spread holiday joy with this delightful pack:
- 1 bottle of Holiday Chardonnay (Limited Edition)
- 1 Wooden Handmade Holiday Ornament
- White "Dear Santa, the wine made me do it" Steel Sippy Cup


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holiday harvest trio: a bounty of festive flavors

9: Holiday Harvest Trio: A Bounty of Festive Flavors
Experience the flavors of the season with this trio:
- Home Sweet Home
- Red Carriage
- Orchard Blossom
- Gift bow
- Handcrafted wooden holiday ornament


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I'm dreaming of a wine christmas pack: dreamy and delightful

10: I'm Dreaming of a Wine Christmas Pack: Dreamy and Delightful
Make dreams come true with this festive bundle:
- 1 bottle of Holiday Cabernet Sauvignon (Limited Edition)
- 1 Red Logo Corkscrew
- Green "I'm Dreaming of a wine Christmas" Steel Sippy Cup


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naughty or nice pack: a bold and sweet surprise

11: Naughty or Nice Pack: A Bold and Sweet Surprise
Dive into indulgence with this delightful bundle:
- 1 bottle of Red Carriage (cranberry-infused red wine)
- Red Carriage Infused Jelly
- Green "Dear Santa, the wine made me do it" Steel Sippy Cup


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wine to-go (dry lovers): a taste of elegance

12: Wine To-Go (Dry Lovers): A Taste of Elegance
For those who appreciate dry wines, this pack includes:
- 1 bottle of Pinot Gris
- Logo Wooden Bottle Stopper
- 2 Logo Stemless Flex Cups


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wine to-go (fruity lovers): a burst of flavor

13: Wine To-Go (Fruity Lovers): A Burst of Flavor
For the fruity wine lovers, this pack includes:
- 1 bottle of Amethyst Sunset
- Logo Wooden Bottle Stopper
- 2 Logo Stemless Flex Cups


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Order Now, Sip Later:

But hurry! With shipping delays on the horizon, make sure to place your orders now to ensure that the gift of Adirondack Winery's fine wines arrives on time. Don't miss out on the joy of giving, sharing, and savoring the moments this holiday season. View our Shipping Deadlines Map for a stress-free ordering experience.

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Gift box order & shipping policies:

Remember, we are licensed to ship wine only to specific states, so please check our list before ordering. Ensure an adult (21+) is available to sign for the package to avoid any inconvenience. Follow our shipping guidelines for a seamless delivery experience.

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This holiday season, let Adirondack Winery be your partner in spreading joy, one uncorked bottle at a time. Cheers to gifting memories that will last a lifetime! 🍷🎁


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