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Emily Skiba
February 16, 2024 | Emily Skiba

Singin & Sippin with Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift with Wine

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is an avid wine drinker and wine lover. She always has a glass in her hand, no matter the occasion. Here, we’ve paired our wines with some of her most popular songs!


Adirondack Sangria

1. Cruel Summer

Lakeside Bubbly – This sparkling wine is summer in a bottle and embodies the fun, playful feel of Cruel Summer. This sweet bubbly rose has flavors of ripe raspberries and fresh floral notes. Sip on Lakeside Bubbly by the lake, on a picnic in the park, or at a backyard BBQ! 



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2. Lavender Haze

Serenity – Coming back Spring 2024, Serenity is the perfect pair to sip on while listening to Lavender Haze. This lavender-infused rose has aromas of fresh-cut lavender in full bloom. It’s a semi-sweet wine whose subtle lavender flavors complement its fruit and apple notes. Listen to Lavender Haze while sipping Serenity on an evening with friends in a dim, moody setting.






3. Cardigan

Baco Noir – We all know Taylor recorded Cardigan out in the woods, and our best-selling Red, Baco Noir, encapsulates the moody, woodsy feelings this song gives. Baco Noir is known as our ‘campfire wine’ because of its oaky, smokey taste that is perfect for cozying up around a fire or hanging in a cabin with friends.






4. Red

Red Ruby – Red Ruby is the perfect red wine to pair with this classic Taylor Swift song. Red Ruby is a luscious blend of four native New York red grapes and is bursting with flavor. It’s deliciously sweet and has flavors of fresh grape, strawberry jam, and candied berry flavors. Enjoy Red Ruby while listening to Red at your next game night with friends!






5. Wildest Dreams

Moonlight – Wildest Dreams is a feel-good, fun song that still has an underlying moody feel to it, which makes Moonlight the perfect pair. Offering earthy and fruity tones on the nose, Moonlight has flavors of ripe raspberries with a touch of spiciness, followed by strawberry jam. Enjoy sipping on Moonlight and listening to Wildest Dreams on a night in with your girlfriends or getting ready for a night out.




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