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Sasha Pardy
April 13, 2016 | Adirondack Winery's This and That... | Sasha Pardy

Thanks for Eight Great Years, from Adirondack Winery

Mike and Sasha Pardy 2016For Mike & I, as the owners of Adirondack Winery, April 17th each year marks a day of reflection and gratitude. It’s a day that we take stock of how fortunate we are to be where we are today and reflect on how we’ve arrived here. Sure, the easy answer is, “THE WINE!”, and we know that’s the core reason, but it’s a lot more than that. 

Ethan and Ella 2015

It’s making the most of our talents, hard work and dedication to create great wines, build a brand and a company for our beloved children (Ella, age 10 and Ethan, age 4)it’s the pool of bright and dedicated staff members that have worked tirelessly for Adirondack Winery over the years; it’s the countless members of the community (fellow businesses, vendors, government representatives, members of the media, and non-profits) that have embraced our product and company and supported our efforts over the years; but most of all, it’s the customers! It’s our loyal club members who are true ambassadors of our wine, it’s every single person that has come through our Tasting Room doors in Lake George, or purchased our wine from our website, or visited our booth at a wine festival, or bought our wine in a liquor store… it’s even that person who was given our wine as a gift from a friend and shared how delicious they thought it was on Social Media and to their friends! Thank You to everyone!

So, what exactly has happened over the last eight years at Adirondack Winery? To us, it feels like a whirlwind!

ADk Winery Grand OPeningWe opened our doors at 285 Canada Street in Lake George on April 17th, 2008 with many nerves, but lots of hope. Mike and I had only recently moved to the area from Florida, after saving up from our careers in real estate and engineering, with our one-year-old daughter, Ella. Mike had been developing a hobby in wine making for the past several years and we always knew we wanted to open our own business, so after much deliberation, we decided the locals and tourists of the Lake George region would love to have their own winery! Fortunately, it appears we were right!

Mike Making Wine 2008

For our first few years, we were genuinely surprised at how much people embraced our wines and tasting experience. In the beginning, Mike was making all of our wines in the back of our Lake George store on a very small scale. We couldn’t keep up with demand, and as a result, not only were we selling our wines, but we were also tasting and selling other New York State wines. It wasn’t until 2010 that we were finally making enough wine to have exclusively ours on the shelf; but then we were busting at the seams!

2011 Store RenovationIn 2011, we moved our wine making facility off-site and renovated and expanding our tasting room to make room for the hundreds of people coming through our doors daily. That same year, we welcomed our Son, Ethan to our family!

Ever since then, we’ve been in growth mode.

Steph at 2013 wine fest

In 2013, we started building our brand in other areas of New York by going to fun wine festivals across the state at full force.

Over time, we built up a network of stores and restaurants carrying Adirondack Winery wines and in 2014, we signed up with a distributor who today has our wines in over 350 stores and restaurants throughout New York State!

Soaring Strawberry 2014In late 2014, we relaunched our brand with a new logo, new wine labels, new website and tasting room renovation.

ADk Winery 2016 exterior

Adk Wine FEst Sq

In 2015, we put on the first ever Adirondack Wine and Food Festival at Lake George Festival Commons and welcomed 2,500 people to the event to celebrate the amazing wineries, craft beverages and foods that New York has to offer. I'm proud to say that this year's festival will be even bigger and better than ever>>!

Over the years, we’ve built a strong wine club program that grows year after year in membership, with people from all of the country buying our wines at all times of year to enjoy in their homes, and we thank all those folks for having us be a part of their dinner table, relaxation and celebratory times!

Adk Winery 2016 staff

Back in 2008, it was just Mike & I working behind the tasting bar, along with a few great associates. Today, we’re happy to employ more than 20 talented staff members that we rely on tremendously to keep the Tasting Room, Wine Making, Events, Marketing and more facets of our business operating smoothly.  Today, those are the friendly faces you see at our Tasting Room and events, or have the pleasure of speaking with on the phone and chat, while Mike & I are behind the scenes making the company tick.

So, what’s on tap for Adirondack Winery in the future?

We’ve got plans that are too early to share, but we do know that we want to keep growing and intend to continually increase the access our customers have to our wine all year round, no matter where they reside! And keeping with our Mission and Values, you can expect Adirondack Winery to continue to keep the customer experience with our brand held in the highest regard, to keep working to improve and evolve our wine list, to keep our dedication to the local community and representation of the Adirondacks a priority, and most of all, to continue to love what we do and what we produce! After all there’s a reason we opened a winery, and it wasn’t because we don’t LOVE wine!

Thank You for Eight Great Years and here's a CHEERS to Many More,

Sasha and Michael Pardy


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