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October 3, 2016 | Seasonal Favorites | Adirondack Winery Staff

Top 7 Adirondack Winery Fall Wines


We're reminded every year why fall in the Adirondacks might be the best time of yearl! From apple picking, campfires and stunning foliage, to pumpkin picking and crunching leaves, to Halloween, Thanksgiving and cozy sweaters, we love every second of it! That's why we've compiled a list of our favorite wines for this time of year. Cheers!


Click Here to buy Soaring Strawberry1. Soaring Strawberry (Strawberry Infused White)

We can't imagine a better way to kick off the fall season each year than with the Adirondack Balloon Festival -- we even put our favorite balloon on the label! With the delightfully sweet aroma of fresh picked strawberries blended with honey and floral flavors, Soaring Strawberry is the best way to reflect on another wonderful summer as you welcome in fall season! We prefer this wine the same way we prefer our fall nights...chilled! Try Soaring Strawberry>>


Click Here to buy Seyval Blanc2. Seyval Blanc (Off-Dry White)

When the crowds are away, it's time to play! Fall is our favorite time of the year to go for a hike and nothing goes better with the solitude you'll find at the summit than Seyval Blanc! Like a day trip to the High Peaks, our "Summit Solitude" offers a well-balanced acidity complimented by green apple tones and a natural minerality on the palate. Try Seyval Blanc>>


Click Here to buy Baco Noir3. Baco Noir (Dry Red)

It's hard to describe the feeling of bundling up and gathering a group of friends around a campfire on a clear fall night, but our Baco Noir comes pretty close! Medium-bodied and dry, with the right balance of oak, tannin and light acidity, open and bottle and you'll soon be wondering where your night -- and the wine -- has gone! Try Baco Noir>>


Click Here to buy Orchard Blossom4. Orchard Blossom (Green Apple Infused White)

We wait all year for one of our favorite parts of fall, and by the time the apples are ready, so are we! Nothing beats strolling through an orchard, searching the for the perfect fruit in eager anticipation of the apple pie you're going to make when you get home! Orchard Blossom is intensely flavorful, reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple. It's crisp and fruity, and makes a great refresher. If you like cooking, it's a great wine to get creative with too! Try Orchard Blossom>>


Click Here to buy Gewurztraminer5. Gewurztraminer (Semi-Dry White)

One of our favorite places to take in the peak colors of fall is right on Million Dollar Beach in Lake George Village! Gazing north up the lake offers a unique perspective of the foliage and allows you one of the best views of the mountains bursting with color! No wine brings us to that place more than Gewurztraminer! Aromas of sweet rose and lychee fruit make it pleasantly aromatic, and notes of ginger and tart apricot balance perfectly with a light sweetness. Try Gewurztraminer>> 


Click Here to Buy Cabernet Franc6. Cabernet Franc (Dry Red)

Cool air on your face, crunching leaves beneath your boots, and your first day in a winter hat...Cabernet Franc really is "Autumn in the Park"! Take a stroll through Battlefield Park in Lake George this month and you'll know exactly what we're talking about! Our "Cab Franc" is a deep, dry red wine, offering a peppery perfume that combines nicely with raspberry and violet tones, a touch of spice and a smooth finish. It's late October in a bottle! Try Cabernet Franc>> 


Click Here to buy Red Carriage7. Red Carriage (Cranberry Infused Red)

As fall winds down, with Thanksgiving around the corner, thoughts of the holidays start to creep in. That's why our final favorite fall wine is Red Carriage! Our annual holidy special -- and fan favorite --  is semi-sweet, light-bodied and crisp, offering notes of fresh cranberries, balanced nicely with acidity and light tannins. It is a great wine to serve for the holidays and makes an incredible mulled wine too! Try Red Carriage>>



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