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Sydney Kerber
June 5, 2020 | Sydney Kerber

5 Wine and Doughnut Pairings for National Doughnut Day!

The Ultimate Guide To a Wine And Doughnut Pairing

Happy National Doughnut Day! Do you know what pairs great with doughnuts? No not coffee... not milk either! That's right, WINE! Check out these wine and doughnut pairings and try them for yourself at home!

Strawberry Frosted

Cab Franc Rose & Berry Breeze

You can’t have a pink frosted donut without pairing it with a beautiful pink rosé! Our choices? Cabernet Franc Rosé and Berry Breeze! It’s a picture-perfect pair and it tastes even better with both of these wines! The Cab Franc Rosé has an undertone of wild strawberry that enhances the strawberry frosting's flavor without having a sugar overload! For anyone with a sweet tooth, we recommend pairing a strawberry frosted doughnut with Berry Breeze for a sweet mixed berry experience!

Click Here For Cabernet Franc Rose

Click Here For Berry Breeze






Chocolate Glazed

 Pinot Noir & Amethyst Sunset

Always think BERRIES when you pair a wine and milk chocolate – meaning pick wines with lots of berry flavors. That’s why we pair chocolate Glazed doughnuts with Amethyst Sunset - a blackberry infused red wine. It’s sweet berry flavors go great with pretty much anything chocolate! For a dry option- try Pinot Noir!

Click Here For Pinot Noir

Click Here For Amethyst Sunset









Gewurztraminer & Prospect Mt. White

Sweet vanilla-flavored desserts like a powdered doughnut go great with a semi-dry wine like Gewurztraminer! Prospect Mountain White is the perfect sweet wine to pair with a powdered doughnut because the peach flavor stands out even more when paired with the simplicityof a powdered doughnut!

Click Here For Gewurztraminer

Click Here For Prospect Mountain White









Pinot Gris & Blue Twilight

Pinot Gris is known for its citrus kick and nothing complements blueberries better than citrus! A sweeter option is obviously our blueberry infused wine Blue Twilight!

Click Here for Pinot Gris

Click Here For Blue Twilight








Semi-Dry Riesling & Mellow Blush

Glazed doughnuts are classic so pairing it with a classic easy to drink Riesling is ideal. We like the Semi-Dry Riesling with it however any of our Rieslings would pair well with a glazed doughnut. Mellow Blush is a sweet watermelon rosé and with a glazed doughnut, it’s the perfect match for a sweet summer snack.

Click Here For Semi-Dry Riesling

Click Here For Mellow Blush






Which of these pairings sound the best to you? Order your wine at and let us know which pairings you like the best! 


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