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Mackenzie LeVan
April 20, 2023 | Mackenzie LeVan

Adirondack Winery Sustainability Efforts

Lake George

Lake George is a town that is nestled into the vast, protected Adirondack Region. The Adirondack Park covers one-fifth of New York State (3 times the size of Yellowstone National Park) and is known for its infamous hiking trails, pristine forests, breathtaking lakes and rivers, and astonishing wilderness presence.

We’re more than lucky to live in an area that is surrounded by iconic natural beauty and that is why we as a company have committed to ongoing sustainability efforts, that contribute to protecting the natural and social environment of the Lake George and Adirondack Region.

Energy Efficiency

Solar Panels

In early Spring of 2023, we installed an 80kWp rooftop solar power system (181 panels) to provide power for our Queensbury Winemaking Facility and Tasting Room. 

We expect it to save 117,700 LB of CO2 per year which is the equivalent of planting 890 trees!

Visitors at our Queensbury location can observe the amount of solar energy being produced, historical power output, CO2 saved, and equivalent trees planted on any given day via their dedicated screen display.

In addition to our solar power panels, the Tasting Rooms and Offices do our part to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint. All employees are asked to reduce power usage on their laptops, unplug electronics when they aren’t in use, keep the office temperature at 68 degrees, and turn off any lights when necessary.


Waste Management & Recycling

With thousands of customers coming through our doors, we recognize the importance of utilizing materials that are eco-friendly whenever possible.

Biodegradable CupsFor our slushie and wine cocktails we use biodegradable plastic cups along with paper and agave straws, allowing for natural decomposition. Plus, we do not provide lids to avoid additional waste. At the Queensbury Tasting Room, all drinks are served in designated glassware. Customers who purchase a Wine Tasting get to take a souvenir wine glass home. At both locations, we offer reusable slushie cups which customers can bring back to the Tasting Rooms for a $5 refill.

The Queensbury Tasting Room patio furniture is also eco-friendly! The furniture is Polywood which is made from recycled plastic material. We plan to utilize the same patio furniture for the Lake George Tasting Room patio, which is coming soon!

At the Tasting Rooms and office, we use intuited recycling processes and sort out recyclable materials to avoid plastic in landfills. Additionally, we use lightweight wine bottles and natural corks. Lightweight wine bottles require less energy than heavier bottles. For instance, heavier bottles require more cardboard when it comes to packaging, shipping is more difficult, uses more energy and heat for the mold and so much more. Plus, we are now shipping glass bottles in bulk which is saving cardboard. Instead of getting our clear glass bottles in brand new cardboard every time from our supplier, we are now getting loose clear glass bottles and are able to reuse/recycle our previously used cardboard boxes to package them up.

As for our corks, they are made of natural materials making them biodegradable and recycled. Lastly, all wine bottle boxes are reused for customer use or broken down to be recycled.

In the offices, we utilize reusable or biodegradable K-cups and regular silverware and plates in the kitchen. Employees are encouraged to recycle any waste and reuse any cardboard boxes and when boxes when necessary. For instance, wine boxes are great for transporting materials to and from the Tasting Rooms!

Shoutout to Ace Carting Corp. for disposing of our trash and recycling.


Supporting Local

Supporting Local

As a small business, supporting other local businesses is incredibly important to us. Most of the food items that you love on our charcuterie boards and for retail at our stores are locally sourced! This not only benefits the local economy and business, but it helps the environment too.

When you eat or shop locally, it doesn’t have to travel far on trucks, planes, trains, etc. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to improving carbon footprint. Plus, it tastes that much better knowing it’s coming from a local producer!

Local businesses we utilize on our charcuterie boards include: 

We also offer drinks from Adirondack Brewery, Mean Max Brew Works, Indian Ladder Farms, Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery, American Oak Distillery Saratoga Water, and Kru Coffee

Village of Lg sign

People from near and far visit Lake George and the Adirondacks for the beautiful lakes, mountains, and atmosphere, and we are committed to keeping our home clean and protected.

A little goes a long way and as a company, we are aware that little changes in our daily routines like using less water, avoiding plasticware, recycling, etc. are what will create eco-friendly habits that will make a big impact in the future!

We’re excited to continue implementing these sustainable practices and finding more ways to be more eco-friendly.  


Polywood Furniture




Reusable cup


Natural Corks



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