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Adirondack Winery Club FAQs

How much does it cost to join one of Adirondack Winery’s Clubs?

Joining our Clubs is easy – just buy the wine you love!

Case Club: Buy a case of wine (12 bottles) and you’re in!

Gold Club: Buy 36+ bottles of wine within one calendar year!

Wine Club: Sign up at and keep it as long as you’d like!

Can I share my benefits?

Yes – you can share your benefits with your spouse. Memberships are nontransferable beyond spouses.

How do I shop with my discounts?

In-store: Let us know you’re a Club member! (Don’t worry, our associates will ask!)

Online: Just log in at and your discounts will automatically apply!

Can I still use my free wine tasting with the new COVID-19 rules? 

Yes! Club Members can still book their free wine tasting for them and up to 3 friends using our reservation system TOCK. Click here to book yours. Reservations strongly encouraged for all tastings and we cannot guarantee a spot to those without reservations. Thank you for your cooperation! 

What is my commitment?

Benefits auto-renew as long as you reach our bottle purchase requirements or unless you ask us to put your membership on hold.

Case Club: Must buy 24+ bottles per year to renew.

Gold Club: Must buy 36+ bottles per year to renew.

The ADK Wine Club: Membership auto-renews until you cancel.

Can I change my membership type?

Case & Gold Club Members can join The ADK Wine Club at any time. The ADK Wine Club Members can switch between Fruity, Dry or Surprise Me! Clubs with at least 1 week notice in advance of shipping installment date. The ADK Wine Club members can also switch between shipping and pickup (and vice versa) with at least one-week advance notice of the shipping date. (Shipments are sent out the first week of March, June, September and December).

I used to have to buy a case between Thanksgiving and Dec. 31st to renew my Case Club membership. Has that changed? 

 Yes, this has changed. We used to get a TON of complaints about having to purchase a case during the renewal period – even if you already purchased a case earlier in the year. Now, to simplify things, all you need to do is buy 24 bottles of wine or more to renew your Case Club benefits for another year. Or buy 36 to upgrade to Gold Club for even more benefits! 


Gold Club

Why do I have to buy a different number of bottles per month to get my FREE bottle?

There will be months when you get a free bottle of wine with a 6 bottle or more purchase and there will be times when it is more bottles or fewer. This allows us flexibility in which wine we choose for our gift. Look for free premium bottles in the future!

What is the special gift from the owners when you buy 72+ bottles?

Customers who buy 72 bottles or more within a calendar year can expect a special gift from the owners toward the end of the year! But it’s a surprise for now – just know we’re working on something really special!


Case Club 

Do I need to buy 12 bottles period or a case of wine at a time to become a Case Club Member?

You become a Case Club Member when you buy a Case of Wine (12 bottles) in a single purchase.


The ADK Wine Club

What bottles will I get?

The bottles you receive are based on which subscription you choose. Every box is different and we do our best to include our newest and limited-edition wines your package.

Does Wine Club have to be shipped?

No. You can pick up your Wine Club order at our Lake George Tasting Room the first week of the month it is released (March, June, September, December).

When can I use my free tasting? 

You should receive a coupon for a FREE tasting for you & up to 3 friends with your Wine Club order. That coupon will be good for the duration of the quarter (and will expire at the end of the quarter). You are welcome to use it when you please during that quarter! Reservations are strongly encouraged for all wine tastings. To book yours, click here. Thank you for understanding.

Can I also be a Case or Gold Club member?

YES! A Wine Club Member can use their wine discounts to buy a case of wine and become a Case Club Member for free monthly tastings and upgraded tastings during Club Weekends. You could also work your way up to Gold Club to become part of the Gold Club community, get FREE bottles of wine with 6+ bottle purchases, get a free ADK Winery calendar at the start of the year, and more Gold Club benefits.

Can someone belong to more than one Wine Club?

YES! We have a few customers who belong to two club types and get 6 bottles each installment; or people that ask for double installments each month. This is no problem.


Have a question that is not listed on this page? We want to hear from you! Email and we will get back to you with an answer!