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Colleen Senglaub
April 18, 2022 | Adirondack Winery's This and That..., Winery Announcements | Colleen Senglaub

Winery Expansion Update: Eco-Friendly Changes

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we wanted to share a few of the plans we have in store to make our new Queensbury Winemaking Facility and Tasting Room as eco-friendly as possible. We want to do our part to save energy, reduce waste, and treat our environment like it should be treated!

Solar Panels

We plan to use solar panels to reduce energy use. On average, solar panels emit about 80% less carbon emissions than fossil fuels, meaning they will allow us to greatly reduce our carbon footprint.


We also thought about the environment when purchasing appliances, and the majority of the appliances being installed in the new Tasting Room have a low-energy rating.


Finally, when our new Tasting Room opens later this spring we will transition to biodegradable utensils, using bamboo rather than plastic. Our new Tasting Room will have a full prep kitchen, which will allow us to reduce plastic use throughout all our storage and prep processes.

As our business grows, we will continue to look for even more ways to reduce our energy and plastic use to make sure we are doing our part to protect this beautiful area!

Click here to learn more about our new Queensbury Tasting Room and stay tuned for a grand opening announcement!



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