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November 16, 2016 | Adirondack Winery Staff

Harvest Season 2016

The last couple of months were especially busy at Adirondack Winery, and navigating our way through harvest season was an incredible experience! We brought in nine different kinds of grapes over the last two months for eight different wines and even saved some for a sweet experiment! We can't wait to see how these 2016 vintages turn out! 


First grape delivery at Adirondack Winery

The first grapes of the season arrive ... Baco Noir!


Crates on the truck


BAco noir grapes in the crate


First grapes!

...and it begins!


Raking grapes


crushing grapes

Passing Baco Noir grapes through the automatic grape crusher and de-stemmer. CLICK HERE to watch it in action!


crushing baco noir grapes


Grapes stems

Stems are gone, time to let the wine ferment!


Crushed Merlot grapes fermenting

CLICK HERE to watch (and hear) fermentation in action!


Brad stirs the grapes

Brad stirs while the wine ferments. Fermenting with the grape skins allows more control over the color of the wine.


Shoveling Merlot into the grape press

Getting every last grape into the press.


Merlot drips down

It's raining wine!


Chardonnay delivery

Time for white wine grapes!


raking seyval blanc grapes


view from the grape bin

View from the grape bin.


raking grapes


seyval waits for the press


getting the destemmer ready for round 2

Mike puts the cleaned grape crusher back together ... ready for Chardonnay!


raking chardonnay grapes


raking chardonnay grapes


chardonnay grapes in bins


rake set aside


grape press ready to go again

Round one through the grape press, ready for more!


chardonnay falling out of the press


moving chardonnay into barrels

Moving Chardonnary straight from the press into barrels for aging.


chardonnay in barrels


ice wine 1

We set aside a couple bins of Cabernet Franc grapes to test out a batch of iced wine.


shoveling iced cab franc into press


iced wine 2

Hope the experiment works out!


Even more ... CLICK HERE for a look back at when our brand new wine making equipment arrived!




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