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Sasha Pardy
September 10, 2015 | Adirondack Winery's This and That... | Sasha Pardy

New Video! Wine Label Photography Montage

Our wine labels have always been an icon of Adirondack Winery. The beautiful photography featured on all of our wine labels brings you right back to where you want to be - enjoying a glass of wine in an Adirondack Chair while you take in the gorgeous landscapes of the Lake George / Adirondack region. 

With the re-branding effort we launched in 2014, we chose new, professional photography of iconic Adirondack scenes to feature on our wines and we think each one represents the wine in the bottle in its own special way. In creating our wine labels, I gave each photograph an oil painted effect and made some minor changes, so this gallery showcases the original photography that is featured on each of our wine labels. 


Adirondack Winery's Label Photography from Adirondack Winery on Vimeo.


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