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March 16, 2016 | Holiday Guides, Wine Pairing Recommendations | Adirondack Winery Staff

St. Patrick's Day Dinner Wine Pairings

When it comes to choosing a drink for St. Patrick’s Day, the obvious associations – and sometimes for good reason – are heavy stouts and Irish whiskey. But if wine is more your style, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to pair with your corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. 

Easy drinking red wines with vivid fruit flavors balance a traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal exceptionally well. We suggest trying Syrah or Meritage

SyrahMeritage The Syrah is fruit-forward at the start, smooth and luscious, with flavors of dark berry and subtle oak. The light tones of black pepper work perfectly to balance a heavily-seasoned meal! 

As medium-bodied dry red, the complex flavors of dark cherry, red berries, and spice in the Meritage stand up to the bitterness of cabbage while remaining incredibly easy to drink throughout the meal.


Classic corned beef and cabbage is a simple meal that can make just about any wine taste a little sweeter than it normally would. That’s why we suggest reaching for a crisp white wine like Gewurztraminer or Dry Riesling

GewurztraminerDry RieslingWith notes of ginger and tart apricot balanced with a light sweetness, the Gewurztraminer has the perfect mix of spicy and sweet to enjoy with your carrots and potatoes! 

The Dry Riesling is zesty and fresh while pleasantly well-rounded. A moderately full body and lingering spiciness allows it to stand up to your meal to the very end, all while rewarding you with notes of tropical fruit and peach along the way.


Pink Gem

For those that are still looking for something sweet, we suggest Pink Gem, the perfect “enjoy anytime” wine. Best served chilled, this wine is pleasantly sweet, tart and refreshing with a “picked right off the vine” taste!


As always, the perfect pairing for any meal is your favorite wine, no matter what it is! We hope you enjoy our suggestions. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


*All pairing suggestions are based on unique profiles of wines from Adirondack Winery.


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