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Roberto Cruz
February 14, 2020 | Roberto Cruz

Wine Words to Describe Your Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day!

If you're visting our Lake George Tasting Room, thanks for coming! 

Today, is as good a day as any to tell your significant other or date what you really think of them... and what better way to do that then our list of wine words!

Which one best describes your partner the best? We hope our list gives you a chuckle and helps put a smile on your faces! Cheers!

Tart | Crisp | Dry

Refreshing | Toasty | Aggressive 

Flabby | Structured | Aromatic 

Fleshy | Zesty | Subtle

Bitter | Smokey | Intense 

Beefy | Scented | Buttery 

Mature | Peppery | Pruny 

Spicy | Rich  | Fine 




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