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June 21, 2017 | Seasonal Favorites, Wine Guides | Adirondack Winery Staff

Adirondack Winery 2017 Summertime Wine Guide

Whether at the beach or in the backyard, we have the perfect wine for any summer occasion. Here are our 7 favorite wines for summer 2017...and some awesome recipes and tips to go with them! 

The official Adirondack Winery wine of the summer - Adirondack Sangria


1. Adirondack Sangria

What would this list be without the official Adirondack Wine of the summer?! This semi-sweet, light-bodied wine offers the deliciously complex grape and citrus flavors of a traditional sangria without the work and waiting! It's fun, fruity and might just be your new favorite summertime wine!  Try Adirondack Sangria>>


2. Lake Winds White (Mango-Infused White)

Aptly named for a summertime wine, Lake Winds White is delightfully crisp with an ideal balance of tropical fruit flavors with understated apple flavors. It also makes an incredible wine cocktail (below)!  Try Lake Winds White>>

Try this recipe: Pineapple-Mango Fizz


3. Cabernet Franc Rosé (Dry Rosé)

This dry Rosé is truly a summertime delight! Medium bodied, with aromas of blooming cherry blossom and wild strawberry tones, we like this wine best chilled!  Try Cab Franc Rosé>>

Prefer a sweeter Rosé? Check out Berry Blush (berry infused), Mellow Blush (watermelon), or our new dessert wine, Iced Cabernet Franc.

Or try this recipe: Raspberry Frosé


4. Chardonnay (Dry White)

Our second vintage of this unoaked Chardonnay is even better than the first and shows the true fruity characteristics of the New York Chardonnay grape. It opens with a ripe pear aroma and delivers golden delicious apple and understated citrus notes.  Try Chardonnay>>


5. Pinot Gris (Dry White)

"Break by the Lake" says it all! Our best selling dry white also happens to be one of our most drinkable "anytime" wines! Crisp, floral, honey tinged flavors with a citrus kick might just make this your new go-to summer white!  Try Pinot Gris>>

Try this trick: Keep your wine chilled without watering it down by making Pinot Gris ice cubes! Simply pour wine into any ice cube tray and freeze!


6. Merlot (Dry Red)

Nothing beats grilling on a clear summer night. If you need the perfect wine to pair with anything that comes off of your grill, look no further than this Merlot. It's medium-bodied, soft and silky, with a touch of brown spice and herbs.  Try Merlot>>

Try this recipe: Red, White & Blue Sangria


7. Baco Noir (Dry Red)

We'll end this list just like any perfect summer day, with a campfire. Baco Noir is, without a doubt, our favorite dry red to sit and sip on a summer night. It's medium-bodied with the right balance of oak, tannin and light acidity with fruit-forward blackberry and plum notes. And best of's back! Try Baco Noir>>


BONUS: Sunny Day (Pineapple Infused Vignoles)

Hot off the bottling line, our newest fruit infused wine has been an immediate hit! This delightful wine bursts with aromas and flavors of tropical fruit — like snacking on delicious freshly cut, ripe pineapple slices with a glass of wine in hand! Try Sunny Day>>



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