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April 14, 2017 | Adirondack Winery Staff

Springtime Wine Guide

Rain is falling, flowers are blooming and the weather is feeling warmer every day! That can only mean one thing... spring has sprung! Read on for our six favorite wines to sip during this colorful season!


1. Lake Winds White (Mango Infused White)

Released just a year ago (almost to the day), we couldn't think of a better way to start this list! This wine is delightfully crisp with an ideal balance of tropical fruit flavors with understated apple flavors, and the sailboats on the labels have us itching for warmer weather!  Try Lake Winds White>>

Try this cocktail: Pineapple-Mango Fizz


2. Soaring Strawberry (Strawberry Infused White)

This light and refreshing white wine offers the delightfully sweet aromas of fresh picked field strawberries blended with a rich mélange of honey, tropical fruit and floral flavors — it's springtime in a bottle!  Try Soaring Strawberry >>

Try this cocktail: Strawberry Citrus Easter Punch


3. Cabernet Franc Rosé (Dry Rosé)

Aromas of blooming cherry blossom and wild strawberry tones make this a nearly perfect wine for spring! We prefer this medium-bodied wine chilled, or even frozen!  Try Cab Franc Rosé>>

Try this cocktail: Lemon-Raspberry Rosé Spritzer


4. Sauvignon Blanc (Dry White)

This wine is light and crisp, offering bright citrus and herbaceous tones. It lends itself perfectly to wide variety of fruits, which make experimenting with sangria easy and a lot of fun!  Try Sauvignon Blanc>>

Try this cocktail: Sauv Blanc Citrus Sangria


5. Pinot Noir (Dry Red)

Our #1 best-selling dry red also happens to be one of our most versatile wines! This wine in medium bodied, offering aromas and flavors of black cherry, raspberry and strawberry, followed by buttery toasted tones and a smooth finish. It's the perfect "anytime" red wine!  Try Pinot Noir>>


6. Barrel Aged Chardonnay (Dry White)

Spring in the Adirondacks kicks off every year with Maple Season, and we're particularly fond of this Chardonnay in the spring because it makes a fantastic maple wine cocktail! Aged in American Oak Barrels for eight months, this Chardonnay opens with a delightful toasted oak aroma with undertones of fresh thyme. The first sip of this reserve wine delivers crisp green apple flavors that quickly mellow and blend with pleasant buttery tones and a lasting oaky, vanilla finish.  Try Barrel Aged Chardonnay>>

Try this cocktail: Maple Chardonnay Slush



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