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Vicky Seabury
July 6, 2018 | Vicky Seabury

Cheers to World Chocolate Day!

Here at Adirondack Winery, we love pairing wines with everything from appetizers to desserts - but our favorite thing to pair with a glass of wine is chocolate! Tomorrow, July 7th, is World Chocolate Day, so we're celebrating with some of our favorite wine and chocolate pairings. Read on for our suggestions!

White Chocolate: Pair white chocolate with lighter wines such as whites or rosés. White chocolate has more subtle, delicate flavors that are complemented by the bright, crisp white wines and semi-sweet rosés. 

Our Favorite Pairings: 

Gewurztraminer: semi-dry, aromatic, slightly tart

Berry Breeze - mixed berry-infused rosé; semi-sweet and fruity

Semi-Sweet Riesling - full-bodied, juicy, just enough sweetness


Milk Chocolate: Milk chocolate goes well with medium-bodied reds. Like milk chocolate, these wines have just the right amount of sweetness.

Our Favorite Pairings:

Red Ruby: semi-sweet, flavorful red blend of 3 varieties of New York grapes

Pinot Noir: a fruit-forward, well-balanced dry red

Wild Red: a black cherry-infused, slightly sweet red wine


Dark Chocolate: Choose a full-bodied red to pair with dark chocolate. Both dark chocolate and deep-colored wines have higher amounts of tannins, which make them a perfect match.

Our Favorite Pairings:

Cabernet Sauvignon: Aged in American oak barrels; dry, but balanced and flavorful. 

Merlot: Another dry red aged in oak barrels; earthy; full-bodied

Baco Noir: just the right balance of oak, tannin and light acidity; fruit-forward


Bittersweet Chocolate (extra dark - 70% or higher cacao): Bittersweet chocolate goes best with big, bold flavors, like the strong sweetness of dessert wines and aged reds. 

Our Favorite Pairings:

The Good Life: cherry-chocolate infused port style; medium-sweet finish

Syrah: 2013 vintage; silky, smooth

Adirondack Splendor: premium barrel-aged, port style wine; decadent and sweet


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