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Sydney Kerber
July 18, 2020 | Sydney Kerber

Find Out the PERFECT Temperature to Drink Your Favorite ADK Winery Wine!

Believe it or not, the temperature at which you drink your wine makes a huge difference in the way it tastes. The wine experts at Adirondack Winery did exhaustive testing and research to find the PERFECT drinking temperature for ALL our wines (OK, maybe it wasn't exactly the hardest work we've ever done!) Keep reading to find out the perfect temperature for your favorite ADK Winery wine! 


Dry Red Wines: 55° - 65° 

Dry red wines taste best at either room temperature or sometimes warmer. This is because the flavors and aromas of these wines stand out more when at a warmer temperature. These are the Adirondack Winery Wines that taste best when served between 55° & 65° Fahrenheit.

Sweet Red Wine: 47° - 52°

With a few exceptions including a couple of white wines and a Rosé the PERFECT temperature to serve sweet red wines is between 47° & 52°. This is because red wine always tastes sweeter when it's warm so the sweet red wines with higher Residual Sugar become overwhelmingly sweet when served warm and you lose a lot of flavors and aromas. The following wines should be served at 47° & 52° Fahrenheit.


Rosé: 46° - 52° 

All four of our rosé wines taste best between 46° - 52° Fahrenheit. This is because the acidity in rosé is much higher than in red wine so in order to lift the acidity and reveal the true flavors the wine needs to be a little colder.

Sweet White Wine: 45° - 52°

The colder the better when it comes to most white wines - that's why you see us use mostly semi-sweet and dry white wines in most of our frozen/icy cocktail recipes

Dry White Wines: 44° - 50°

Finally, our dry white wines! These wines taste best cold because of their high acidity. Much like rosé - the colder the wine is the more the acidity lifts and the easier it is for you to taste the aromas and flavors in the dry white wine.


Now grab your thermometers and have a fun wine temperature tasting at home!



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