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Fruity Wines Group Shot

$3, 2 oz. Pour

$10, Glass

Sparkling Wines

Lakeside Bubbly: This delightful rosé bubbles over with the succulent, mouthwatering flavors of sweet, ripe raspberries, blended nicely with fresh floral notes on the nose and a pleasant finish.

Beachside Bubbly: This delicious white bubbles over with the sweet luscious, mouthwatering taste of ripe peaches, blended nicely with fresh tropical fruit notes on the nose and a pleasant finish.

Midnight Bubbly: This dry white wine opens with a bright acidity of lemon peel and citrus blossom on the nose, followed by pleasant soft bubbles offering flavors of grapefruit and peaches, with a medium plus finish.



$3, 2 oz Pour 

$9, Glass 


Fruity White Wines

Lake Winds White: Imagine the delicious fruit of a ripe, juicy mango and add a splash of wine! This light, semi-sweet wine is delightfully crisp offering the ideal balance of tropical fruit and understated apple flavors.

Sunny Day: This delightful wine bursts with aromas and flavors of tropical fruit. It will have you imagining yourself sipping on a refreshing glass of semi sweet white wine while you snack on delicious freshly cut, ripe pineapple slices.

Orchard Blossom: This semi-sweet, light white wine is intensely flavorful, reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple. The pleasant, soft acidity and luscious, fruity aroma of this crisp white wine make it a great refresher.

Prospect Mountain White: The luscious scent of ripe peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavorful, semi-sweet white wine. Pale straw in color, this wine is a natural addition to a lazy afternoon by the lake, or an evening BBQ.

Soaring Strawberry: This light-bodied white wine offers pale gold hues and strong aromas of fresh picked field strawberries. Imagine a perfectly ripe, juicy strawberry complemented by the pleasant tartness of semi-sweet white wine with a soft acidity that lingers on the palate.

Home Sweet Home: This semi-sweet, light bodied wine offers enticing aromas and flavors of a freshly baked homemade apple pie and traditional holiday spices. (Seasonal)

Fruity Rosé Wines

Berry Breeze: This delicious blush wine is semi-sweet and satisfies your taste buds with complex flavors of fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, ending with a smooth finish.

Serenity: Boasting a beautiful light pink hue, this unique wine offers the enjoyable fragrance of fresh cut lavender in full bloom. Light bodied, and semi-sweet, its subtle lavender flavors complement notes of stone fruits and apples with a soft acidity.

Mellow Blush: This refreshing wine boasts a beautiful pink hue, and flavors of ripe watermelon with understated red berry tones, finishing with a crisp, juicy sweetness. Best served chilled to bring out its flavor.

Fruity Red Wines

Red Ruby: Crafted as a luscious blend of four native New York red grapes, our Red Ruby is bursting with flavor! Deliciously sweet, this wine serves up a nicely balanced combination of fresh grape, strawberry ham, and candied berry flavors, finished with a soft tartness.

Adirondack Sangria: This semi-sweet, light-bodied wine offers the deliciously complex grape and citrus flavors of the traditional Sangria recipes you know and love, without the work and waiting!

Wild Red: This semi-sweet, light bodied wine presents the succulent flavor of ripe black cherries balanced with a subtle touch of tannins.

Blue Twilight: Imagine an inviting bowl of plump and juicy sweet blueberries and add a splash of red wine! This light, semi-sweet red wine offers an exciting combination of dark fruit flavors with a delicate touch of tannins and structure. Best served chilled. 

Amethyst Sunset: This all-natural easy drinking light red wine, ruby in color, opens with the scent of dark berries and splashes over your tongue with a juicy sweetness bursting with flavors of fresh blackberries and dark grapes followed by a pleasantly smooth finish. Made with 100% New York grapes!

Red Carriage: This semi-sweet, light-bodied wine is crisp, offering notes of fresh cranberries harmoniously blended with robust wine, balanced nicely with acidity and light tannins. (Seasonal)

Dry Rosé Wine

Moonlight: This dry rosé offers earthy and fruity notes on the nose. This wine opens with smooth, but tart flavors of ripe raspberries with a little spiciness; followed by strawberry jam notes and a light tannic finish.

Cabernet Franc Rosé: This medium bodied dry rose wine offers aromas of blooming cherry blossom followed by distinct wild strawberry tones, following through with a refreshingly tart, lingering finish.

Varietal White Wines

Dry Riesling: Moderately full-bodied, our Dry Riesling is well-rounded, but zesty and fresh, offering notes of tropical fruit and peach with a clean acidity and lingering spiciness on the palate.

Semi-Dry Riesling: Our Semi-Dry Riesling offers subtle aromas of apricot, followed by tones of green apple and pear, finishing with a well-balanced, soft acidity.

Semi-Sweet Riesling: Our Semi-Sweet Riesling is full bodied and luscious, with aromas of peach and honeysuckle, followed by flavors of juicy pineapple and a hint of lime with a lingering finish.

Pinot Gris: Our Pinot Gris is a dry, crisp white wine offering apple, floral, honey-tinged flavors and a citrus kick.

Chardonnay: Our unoaked version of Chardonnay shows the true fruity characteristics of the New York Chardonnay grape. The wine opens with a ripe pear aroma and delivers golden delicious apple and understated citrus notes with a clean finish.

Gewurztraminer: Pleasantly aromatic, bringing forth sweet rose and lychee fruit on the nose, followed by notes of ginger and tart apricot flavors that are nicely balanced with a light sweetness.


$4, 2 oz Pour 

$12, Glass 


Premium Wines

Barrel Aged Chardonnay: Aged in American Oak Barrels for eight months, this Chardonnay opens with a delightful toasted oak aroma with undertones of fresh thyme. The first sip of this reserve wine delivers crisp green apple flavors that quickly mellow and blend with pleasant buttery tones and a lasting oaky, vanilla finish. 

Varietal Red Wines

Baco Noir: This medium-bodied, dry red wine offers just the right balance of oak, tannin and light acidity to please the palate with its fruit forward blackberry and plum notes.

Merlot: Our Merlot is a full bodied dry wine boasting deep purple hues and earthy tones complemented by ripe black cherry and oaky flavors, easy tannins and a silky finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon: This medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon offers a familiar earthy aroma paired with forward berry tones that are nicely balanced with oak and followed by an enjoyable savory finish.

Cabernet Franc: Medium bodied, dry wine offering earthy, peppery tones that are nicely balanced with oak, pleasant acidity and a smooth finish. Our winemaker's favorite wine!

Pinot Noir: Our Pinot Noir is medium-bodied, offering aromas and flavors of dark berries, complemented by light oak and tannins for a smooth finish.

Stargazer: This unique, dry red wine was aged in American toasted oak barrels for 15 months, creating a luscious medium body with a beautiful garnet hue. Offering enticing oak and spicy clove notes on the nose, this wine follows through with the pleasant acidity of dark black currants and a touch of pepper spice, followed by a lingering tannic, earthy finish. 


$8, 2 oz Pour 

$12, Glass 


Dessert Wines

Vidal Blanc (Frozen Over): This rich, white dessert wine is full of peach and tropical fruit flavors with a balanced, honeyed sweetness. Intense, yet delicate, treat this wine like a fine liqueur.

Fireside Reserve: This premium red dessert wine smolders with bold aromas and flavors of black cherries and blackberries. A distinct, sweet red wine, this reserve is the perfect delight before or after dinner.

$5, 2 oz Pour 

$15, Glass 


Premium Wines


Bourbon Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon: Aged for 9 months in American Oak Bourbon Barrels that previously hosted American Oak Whiskey's Double Barrel Aged Bourbon, this Cabernet Sauvignon leads with the intense aromas of sweet vanilla, brown sugar, and spice tones imparted from the bourbon barrels. A medium-bodied wine, its earthy notes are marked with flavors of dark berry and light acidity ending with a subtly sweet, lingering soft finish.

Meritage: Our winemaker's artful blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec Grapes, this Meritage was aged in American Oak Barrels for 21 months. A medium bodied, dry red with intense oak and earthy aromas, this wine delivers a velvety mouth feel and complex flavors of dark cherry, red berries and spice, with an enjoyable buttered toast finish.

Barrel Aged Pinot Noir: In crafting this premium wine, we aged our Pinot Noir in French Oak Barrels for 14 months, which added tannins, texture and a depth of flavor that is very complex. Opening with enjoyable toasted oak and vanilla undertones, the signature black cherry and tart wild berry notes characteristic of Pinot Noir come through, ending with a lingering tannic finish.

$7, 2 oz Pour 

$20, Glass 


Premium Wines

Meritage Reserve: This medium-bodied, dry red wine delivers intense oak, vanilla and raisin aromas, followed by velvety mouth feel with complex flavors of dark red berries, dry earth and a lively spice, ending with an enjoyably long buttered toast finish.